In parts of Birmingham, Leicester, Wolverhampton, Stoke, Leeds, Yorkshire, Nottingham, Cumbria and Greater London many constituents are bewildered and disappointed by the actions of their MPs – who have delighted state BBC and advertiser-ruled mainstream media by opposing Jeremy Corbyn and his overwhelming mandate, seeking maximum publicity.

shadow cabinet miliband 2015

As a minority of the former shadow cabinet – above – refused to work with Jeremy Corbyn, sceptics speculate that their main interest is in climbing the party power ladder, which their record shows they are not well-fitted to do under their new leader.

Constituents who have not been consulted are holding to account these MPs, contacting them and asking:

  • “Why did you resign from your shadow minister post straight after Jeremy Corbyn got elected?”
  • “Isn’t he trying to support the poorest people, many of whom live in our area?
  • “What are your thoughts on his policies and practices?

99%-3Corbyn aims to improve life for all, not just the middle and higher echelons. His plan: “to put forward a strategy for taking people out of poverty, for expanding job opportunities and skill levels in our society, making Britain a place that’s fairer, more equal and more just.”

Is the problem for the ambitious that Corbyn’s methods may affect corporate funding of their party and the sponsorship and non-executive directorships currently enjoyed by the compliant?