The Stirrer wrote [28.9.07]: Campaigner Alan Clawley made the claim after learning that the local authority has moved to get an “immunity from listing” certificate for the existing building, which it wants to replace.

Next month, the Council will finally explain what the new library in Centenary Square will look like. Assuming it goes ahead, the existing one in Chamberlain Square will be pulled down, allowing the redevelopment of Paradise Circus.

The Stirrer revealed yesterday that regeneration chief Clive Dutton has made a pre-emptive strike to ensure that nothing can halt the demolition of John Madin’s 1973 building – hailed in some quarters as a masterpiece (see link here)

Clawley, who runs the “Friends of the Library Group,” was astonished to discover the news second hand, and couldn’t understand why his members hadn’t been asked for their views first.

He said: “The Council is trying to block our wish to have the Central Library listed despite the fact that English Heritage recommended it for listing a few years ago.

“We have not been consulted about the future of the Central Library despite the fact that we have a growing membership and the support of the Twentieth Century Society. The council is keeping the people of Birmingham in the dark.

“When we tell people of the council’s plan to demolish it to make way for office blocks they can hardly believe it.”