Paul Dale reported in the Birmingham Post that city council planning committee today voted  for Birmingham’s new £193 million library in Centenary Square to go ahead, but there was far from overwhelming support for the controversial modern design.

A split decision was recorded, with seven members backing the 10-storey structure, one against and three refusing to vote.

One committee member, former Lord Mayor Mick Sharpe, said the glass-fronted library would be a “monstrosity”, adding that a cage of circular metal hoops covering the building reminded him of old bed springs.

It was announced that the Central Library in Paradise Forum will be demolished when the new library is completed.

Alan Clawley, secretary of the Friends of the Central Library, said the children’s library would be relegated to a “gloomy basement” in one of two subterranean floors, while the metal cage was simply a device to hide a dull facade.

He added: “This hardly signifies a world-class building that will enhance and define the Birmingham brand.The building lacks the honesty and integrity of the Central Library and could be mistaken for a commercial office building.”

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