stirchley baths

Local people from this lively neighbourhood are taking a great interest in the Edwardian Stirchley Baths, lovingly restored and re-opened – hundreds coming to an open evening in December. If the fine front door is closed, visitors are asked to go to the side entrance at the left.

change kitchen logoThough there has been no advertising or promotion people are visiting ChangeKitchen (Tues. to Thurs., 10-3), which opened in January, to enjoy food made with local, organic and seasonal ingredients – see a LWM post.

Dishes on the menu that week included mushroom & spinach lasagna, Homity pie, baked potato with two fillings, croissants, mini pastries and ‘bacon’ and egg roll.

change 2 interior kitchen

ChangeKitchen is an award winning event caterer – a thriving social enterprise

Every platter of food is prepared ‘from scratch’ – shared and enjoyed by all, including the 80% of customers who are not vegetarian but nevertheless value ChangeKitchen’s delicious and nutritious vegetarian and vegan dishes at very reasonable prices. There is a growing awareness that producing the meat in our diet causes more carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide than transportation or industry.

change kitchen birgitDuring a recent visit, the writer met ChangeKitchen’s founder, Birgit Kehrer, and on its website we read that the story of ChangeKitchen goes back to her youth, growing organic vegetables from an early age with her father, and developing a passion for eating vegetarian food made from fresh home-grown produce. In her twenties Birgit learned to cook vegetarian food at the Goldene Gans Braeustueble restaurant in her home town of Augsburg and afterwards travelled to India where she picked up more ideas for world-class cuisine.

As the writer enjoyed her coffee, she heard about the community cinema which the film club is setting up, watched children coming in happily to enjoy a party, met Phil Banting of the newly formed Stirchley History Group, and – later – Justin Wiggan, from the Centre for Curious Sonic Investigation, who will be presenting a ‘sound piece’ at the Baths, with input from local children and also from a tape buried in a 1989 time capsule which, together with a 2015 time capsule, has been placed in a deep illuminated well under the pool and can be seen through a perspex window in the café.

Location and contact details:

Stirchley Baths, 2-4 Bournville Lane, Birmingham, B30 2JT

t: 0121 464 9072