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 In February Pat Thomas wrote an articleLet’s get UK chefs talking about GMOs’.

San Carlo is ahead of the game. 

Outside its restaurant in Temple Street, Birmingham San Carlo’s menu sheets open with the declaration (photographed in driving rain): “We are advised by all our suppliers that all their products are GM free”

 San Carlo is one of the restaurants founded by Carlo di Stefano which have won more than thirty regional national awards – to read more go to: There are sixteen in Britain and a growing number overseas. Not only is it ‘GM wise’ but – as visitors from Mumbai last Wednesday all agreed – lunch there was delicious.

This year ‘Beyond GM’ is introducing ‘GMO conversation’ to chefs, caterers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and others in the British food service industry.

Pat Thomas (below left) noted in March that in the US, chefs like Alice Waters and Tom Colicchio are leading the public discussion on GMOs. But in the UK our chefs, caterers, hoteliers and restaurateurs are largely silent – and possibly not well-informed. She adds that concern in Europe is already growing. In France, an open letter about GMOs and the corporate takeover of the food has been signed (so far) by 330 chefs, hoteliers, restaurateurs and others in the food industry. The letter was launched on gastronomy news website Atabula and initiated by its founder and editor, Franck Pinay-Rabaroust, a former editor of the Michelin Guide.

A survey (now closed) was organized which focussed on preferences and informed choice when eating out and its early results will be brought to a roundtable on provenance hosted by Chef Cyrus Todiwala. It will also inform a report being produced on GMOs in the restaurant and catering food chain and this, in turn, will form the basis of talks planned for later in the year.






The Kitchen Garden in York Road, Kings Heath, has been described as a ‘hidden oasis’ and has a charm rarely met in urban areas. Its cluster of enterprises include a delicatessen and garden shop.

The café & restaurant use organic ingredients with a few exceptions which are marked on the menu. Beyond the restaurant is an attractive recess used by many young parents in the area. It has lots of toys and room for children and their mothers to meet others and enjoy an informal and relaxed meal.

Today it announced the dates for its Spring Gift Fairs on Wed 23rd and 30th May from 6pm-9pm.

The fairs will feature local artists and artisans displaying their work for sale with a licensed bar and good food available.

Anyone who would like a stall at the fair should call Karen on 07768 997 019 or email