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Many people in Birmingham will remember the speaker -Ann Pettifor. She was a founder and leading spirit of the Jubilee 2000 debt campaign which in 1998 brought a human chain of 70,000 people onto the streets of this city in a great expression of human concern for the cancellation of the unjust and unpayable debts of developing countries.

After 2000 Ann joined the New Economics Foundation where she headed their research unit, and became involved in Prime Economics. She also set up Advocacy International, a UK-based consultancy which advises governments and international organisations and has helped secure debt relief for the governments of Guyana, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

Among her publications are the books “The Coming First World Debt Crisis” (2006) and “The Production of Money” this year. She has been part of the Green New Deal Group and in 2015 was appointed to the British Labour Party’s Economic Advisory Committee.






Monday evening, 2nd February at Queens in Edgbaston

Should there be a Tax-dodging bill?

Guest speaker Richard Murphy

richard murphyAfter training and working as a tax accountant Richard Murphy became concerned about the injustice he found and has been one of the leading campaigners for a better system.

He points out that HMRC’s senior management have decided to halve their staff in the decade 2005-2015. Over 30,000 people have already gone. He adds that the tax gap can’t be closed without people to check accounts, visit missing traders, pursue uncollected tax and handle investigations.

As his research has shown, in 2009-10 HMRC asked 1,796,000 companies (out of 2.8 million that existed) to submit tax returns. Only 1,183,000 did submit a return, so 34% of companies asked to submit a tax return did not do so whilst only 42% of all companies actually submitted a return.

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