Capita-Service Birmingham hit the headlines last year over proposals to offshore skilled IT jobs to India, which were later abandoned at a cost of £12 million to the taxpayer – or so we thought.

Information received, indicating that Capita was outsourcing ‘by the back door’, caused Adrian Goldberg to seek clarification on his WM Radio programme today.

He had been told that when employees left for some reason, or took voluntary redundancy, their work was passed on to someone in India on the SAT (satellite?) system.

Cllr. Mohammed Afzal, chairman of the Employment Matters Committee, was interviewed and said that these allegations must be investigated.


An earlier post on this site asked why Capita is still apparently regarded as ‘competitive’ despite country-wide losses and service failures dating back at least to 2006.

Beyond the confines of acceptable lobbying, its chairman resigned because of publicity surrounding his loan to the Labour Party and last year the Birmingham Post gave details of considerable hospitality offered by Capita to the council’s chief executive Stephen Hughes.

Capita-Service Birmingham was given the IT and call centre contract at Birmingham City Council because it offered efficient service and promised huge cost savings – see their website.

However, on May 10th the Post reported that Birmingham City Council’s £1 billion contract with Capita-Service Birmingham is to be closely scrutinised after senior Labour councillors voiced doubts about whether good services and value for money are being delivered.

An independent assessment is to be made of this contract – which runs until 2020 – and of Service Birmingham’s performance.

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