On 10th August 2019 at 1pm in St. Francis Church in Bournville we welcome back the ever popular concert by the students of the Birmingham International Music Academy.

The Birmingham International Music Academy offers this 2 week course to help young international musicians to improve their technique whilst experiencing British culture. A group of talented musicians, aged 9-21, will travel to the UK from across China to bring a vibrant and exciting programme which combines the work of western classical composers such as Beethoven and Chopin with Far East traditional tunes.

As well as performances of piano, violin and voice, this is also a rare opportunity to hear the Chinese ‘Zheng’ a 21 string traditional instrument with an 800 years history. A bucket collection will be made after the concert, which will last 60 minutes, and the proceeds will be donated to ‘The Friends of Bournville Carillon’.

Heritage Open Day Saturday 14th September 2019. 10am – 4pm

Taster Carillon Tours can be booked online by following the link: bournville-heritage-open-day-2019

You will also be able to visit The Coach House (also known as the George Cadbury Carillon School) at 140, Linden Road B30 1LB. This building houses the practice clavier (the instrument used to strike the carillon bells). Visitors will be able to have a turn at playing it.