In December last year it was reported that several of the brown recycling bins supplied to Solihull Council by Yorkshire manufacturer MGB Plastics were faulty. Many were prone to splitting, while several could not be lifted on to recycling lorries.

But this saga began as long ago as 2015 – reported by the Independent Councillor for Blythe Ward at the time, Linda Brown, whose bin had split.

In her Spotlight Council slot in the monthly Dickens Heath Directory (August 2015) she wrote that faulty brown wheelie bins were splitting at the side (right) due to a manufacturing fault of which the supplier was aware.  She also gave details of council contacts to report broken bins for replacement.

On 9th May Priscilla Taylor contacted the council to ask for a replacement brown bin.

  • She was told to expect to wait up to 20 working days but it still was not delivered.
  • She started calling regularly, asking when her bin would be replaced but was ‘fobbed off with a variety of excuses’.
  • On June 11 she was told that she would be on the “Priority” list.
  • She was then informed that her bin was replaced on June 13.
  • But her old bin still sits outside on the pavement.

Around 17,000 requests have been lodged for replacement recycling wheelie bins following splits and mounting rubbish. Residents have spoken out about severe backlogs of recyclable waste and bin men refusing to take collections.

Online reference ‘buried’ overnight

6th July

An online Google search using ‘mgb split bins’ (page 1) reveals no acknowledgement of this problem by the firm, which is seeking business with many local authorities, but newspaper reports of Solihull’s problem.

7th July

An online Google search using ‘mgb split bins’ (page 1) reveals no newspaper reports of Solihull’s problem. It is now necessary to know of its existence and search on ‘mgb split bins solihull’.’

Will local taxpayers be picking up the cost for distribution and disposal of faulty recycling bins or will Solihull Council require the suppliers of this unfit equipment to do so?