After publishing this post on June 2nd and signing a letter to Chris Grayling the writer has heard that this campaign is moving to Westminster. An event will be held there and it is hoped that as many MPs as possible will be there.

Readers may decide to invite their MP by emailing the following message:


Invitation: Save Our Arches, 12 June in Parliament


The Guardians of the Arches is a newly formed group of traders representing the thousands of small businesses based in railway arches around the country. On 12 June they are coming to Parliament to put their case against Network Rail’s planned sale of its arches this summer. As one of your constituents, and someone who is concerned about the sell-off’s threat to local businesses, I would like to invite you to hear the traders’ story and to pledge your support if you can.

Date: Tuesday 12 June

Time: 6.30pm to 8pm

Location: Committee Room 10, Palace of Westminster


By the end of August, Network Rail plans to have sold its 5,500 railway arches in a single deal thought to be worth around £1.2bn. After facing in-year rent increases of as much as 500%, many of Network Rail’s tenants – garages, hairdressers, bakers, gyms, brewers, metalshop workers and everything in between – are scared for their future. And many have already been forced to close up or move on as a result.

The traders have organised an open letter to Transport Secretary Chris Grayling asking him to halt the sale of their premises and to talk to them about reaching a sustainable settlement for the future. As a supporter of small businesses and of strong, vibrant local economies, I ask that you try to attend our meeting on 12 June and show your support for our cause.

And if you cannot make it but would like to support us, please sign our letter at  and show your support on social media  #SaveOurArches



Yours sincerely,

[Add your name and postal address, so it is clear you are a constituent]