Action Village India, a UK based charity pressing for positive change in rural India, is holding an open afternoon on the 14th February (1:30pm – 3:30pm) for people who want to learn more about one of its key projects.

A mixed media exhibition on disability rights, based at Birmingham Voluntary Services Council in Digbeth. It’s been up and running since the 23rd January and continues through to the 2nd March.

The project brings together the stories of eight men and women, young and old, with experience of living with disability in some of India’s most remote communities. Told through their own words, and illustrated with a series of striking photographs, it brings to life not only their hardships but also their dreams and ambitions – and their relentless drive to make sure their voices are heard.

Grappling with poverty, chronic illness, sight loss, accident and injury, their powerful testimony shows us that huge barriers can be overcome if we insist upon celebrating the dignity and worth of every human being.

The exhibition’s organiser, Fran Wilde, said: ‘This exhibition tells a powerful and timely story of human resilience. It shines a light on an inspiring group of men and women who refused to be non-people in the eyes of their society and of the state.’Even in our globalised world rural India might still seem exotic, distant, but there are lessons for us here, too.  In 2017 the UN slammed the British government’s approach to disability rights, in a report described by charities and campaign groups as a ‘grim reality check’.

‘I hope that this exhibition inspires us to change the way we view people with disabilities, and encourages us to work to build a society that supports those who are most easily sidelined’.

BVSC: 138 Digbeth, Birmingham B5 6DR

Press Release written by John Tipper, Freelance Journalist,