The government is to provide £14m to ten cities, including London, Birmingham and Coventry, to help with the installation of electric charge points.

A £300m plant by The London Taxi Company opened today in Coventry to produce electric black cabs for the UK and international markets. The taxpayer has given £16.1m towards the development of the site in Ansty, Coventry.

Peter Campbell (FT) reports that the government has spent £80m towards research and development at the site, help fund the installation of electric charging stations, and incentivise taxi drivers to buy the new, cleaner vehicles.

The 38,000 taxis currently in operation in the UK require replacing after around 15 years of service and some 23,000 black cabs, which run on diesel, are in use in London. The government is offering taxi drivers a grant of £7,500 towards every new electric car – at a total cost of £50m

From January 2018 the FT article alleges, all black cabs sold in the UK must be able to drive using electric technology, in an effort to improve the air quality of major cities, particularly the capital. A search does not reveal evidence for this, though Transport for London has passed such an order relating to the capital.