Political Concern reports that Mace, a large consultancy and construction company. which worked on the London 2012 Olympics and won an award for its work on New Street Station, has written to HS2 Ltd.

It announced that it intends to challenge the decision to award CH2M, the US engineer, a contract to design the second phase of the London to Manchester line. “As a British-owned company, we were naturally disappointed with HS2’s decision and are looking closely at our options,” Mace said.

The blog ends:

Tony Berkeley, the Labour peer and a former engineer who worked on the Channel tunnel, said the situation “smells”. “There must be other companies in the UK who are capable of doing it. Is HS2 actually competent to do the procurement or are they just relying on CH2M to do the whole thing and procure themselves?”

Read the blog here: https://politicalcleanup.wordpress.com/2017/02/21/is-the-hs2-project-the-most-blatant-example-of-ukusas-revolving-doorvested-interest-ridden-politics/