Founded and directed by Yardley Wood’s Ben Parkinson, Chrysalis supports the Butterfly Project, a network of young people who are determined to be catalysts for change in their communities. Each one has devised one or more social projects which create change and provide them with the experience to become social entrepreneurs.

All members are recruited from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, because it is believed that those who have survived hardship are the best people to tackle its causes.  Members recruited from slum districts and remote rural villages have been equally successful.

The fundraising Slum Run, in Kampala, is now in its fifth year and continues to support children with their school fees and requirements, reducing the amount of time each year that they are forced to break stones in quarries for a living.


This year the route was updated and it now includes spectacular views across the Acholi Quarter area (above) and for the first time there was significant support from businesses in Uganda, some of whom sponsored individual children. There also was support from NGOs, who sent runners.

The 30 runners included Patrick and Beckham from the latest Butterfly cohort, who ran in fancy dress and three from our centre in rural Koro. Six children from the schools who took part in the Kampala Kids’ Olympics were also nominated.

This year has been almost the toughest one the project has had to face, with the Brexit impact causing donated pounds to lose value when converted into Ugandan shillings.  Finances are extremely tight right now and it would be good if people could share this linkhttp://www.justgiving.com/slumrun2016on Facebook or to friends, to encourage £5/£10/£15. 

Read about the wide-ranging work done on a financial shoe-string here: https://chrysalisuganda.wordpress.com/