Thursday 27th October. 5-7 pm

Open meeting: FOE Warehouse, 54 Allison St, B5 5TH


Richard Hatcher will be talking about the relationship between productivity, skills and education, specifically in the context of the policies of the West Midlands Combined Authority. He will critically examine the claim that low productivity is largely caused by a ‘skills deficit’ and the resulting strategies that are being advocated to address it, with particular reference to the school system and apprenticeships. He will also say something about how the new policy on grammar schools relates to this, predicting that “as Combined Authorities spread and develop they will add fuel to the debate about the relationship between schools and the labour market, resulting in more questioning of the E-Bacc curriculum and more pressure to validate a pre-vocational and vocational pathway. But it also opens up the opportunity to argue the case for a unified and critical common core secondary curriculum for all”.

Richard is professor of education at Birmingham City University and a campaigner on education issues.

Questions and discussion will follow 

An Attwood award will then be given to Ridhi Kalaria who has worked hard to further the  Birmingham Pound project.