With curious lapses of memory, Sutton Coldfield MP Andrew Mitchell and Foreign secretary Boris Johnson have ‘taken the moral high ground’ to which they are not entitled, condemning Russia and alleging that it has bombed civilian targets in Syria.

As Steve Schofield summarises, “Through invasion by ground forces and through air-strikes involving missiles and drones, the US/UK military axis has been responsible for the collapse of societies that has left hundreds of thousand of civilians dead or injured and millions more as refugees.


For years we have assaulted other countries, ruining infrastructure and killing civilians as well as untried suspects; a few examples have been summarised today on the Political Concern website. All should heed a message from Stuart Richardson, Secretary of the Birmingham branch of Stop the War Coalition (StWC):

StWC is opposing the calls for the implementation of “No-Fly Zones” – after the Libyan disaster – and for the bombing of the Assad regime by the RAF and allied air forces. It argues that the only solution is the withdrawal of Russia, US, UK and France leaving the Syrian people to determine their own future.