The West Midlands Combined Authority:

what it is and what it should be


A People’s Plan for the WMCA: 4th October 7pm, Birmingham Council House  


The West Midlands Combined Authority means:

  • An economic agenda driven by private profit not local need.
  • ‘Public service reform’ – service cuts and attacks on workers’ jobs and conditions.
  • Top-down decision-making with no local democratic participation.

A small group of powerful/wealthy people will have control over our money, our jobs, our services and our future, without being democratically accountable to us. We do need devolution. We do need a regional framework. We do need social, egalitarian and green development, but the WMCA is not about this. We need:  

  • Sustainable economic growth for social needs and well-paid jobs, not just private profit
  • Improved public services, not more cuts
  • Democracy – public participation in decision-making, not top-down diktats

Individuals, community groups, trade unions and all those across the region who wish to see a democratic regional structure set up—one that reflects the diversity of the region and prioritizes our needs— are invited to speak at or attend the meeting:


Birmingham Against the Cuts Public Meeting