A cross-party alliance is being proposed in some quarters – see MP Clive Lewis and Jonathon Porritt, who responded to a call from Neal Lawson of Compass. 

On the 5th July, Clive Lewis joined Caroline Lucas, Sir Vince Cable, Tommy Sheppard (SNP) and 1,000 audience members at a sold-out Progressive Alliance event, in Westminster. 

MEP Molly Scott Cato suggested contacting Neal Lawson of Compass. She recommended this article.

Neal Lawson would like to plan another meeting in Birmingham to focus on building a progressive alliance to promote electoral reform. He spoke at the discussion initiated by the Green Party on building a progressive cross party alliance at the University of Birmingham on 2nd September. He said this went well – almost 1000 came.

All those satisfied with the status quo would support the argument made by Conservative former minister John Penrose that electoral reform would harm our democracy rather than help it and the issue should be left alone for a “long, long time”.