Jonathan Walker in the Birmingham Post and Mail ‘Opinion’ column reports quite happily – even credulously – that Theresa May promises a government for the ‘strugglers’

But he will be well aware that many prime ministers have made appealing promises which were never kept and that a brief overview of Ms May’s record does not inspire confidence.

  • People struggling to find a trustworthy carers for their child or a vulnerable family member will regret that she suspended the registration scheme.
  • Those struggling with domestic violence find that Theresa May got rid of a scheme which banned abusers from the victim’s home.
  • Parents struggling with a child at risk can no longer be informed by the “ContactPoint” database designed to protect children after the Victoria Climbie child abuse scandal.
  • Anyone struggling to manage his or her financial affairs efficiently could find their financial and personal data less secure as Ms May’s Investigatory Powers Bill, has authorised the state to employ private companies to design hacking technology which can ‘create openings’ in devices, leading to the theft of such information.

As Guido Fawkes – no Corbyniere – points out: “There’s a vast gulf between being effective in office, and being effective at promoting yourself .