The track record is not consistent with the oratory

A link in the Brummie led the reader to an article by Parveen Hassan, the founder of Conservative Women’s Hub, and former Chairman of Birmingham Heartlands West Midlands Conservatives Women’s Organisation 2010- 2014.

 theresa may

We read in Parveen Hassan’s article that Ms May wants to tackle the injustices that British people face, in the interests of truth her earlier actions are recorded below.

Having been favourably impressed by her recent speech as a leadership contender, I searched online to learn more about her work. Sadly the favourable impression was completely dispelled by three of many unwelcome items found:

  • In 2010 she suspended the registration scheme for carers of children and vulnerable people.
  • On 4 August 2010 it was reported that May was scrapping the former Labour Government’s proposed “go orders” scheme to protect women from domestic violence by banning abusers from the victim’s home.
  • This was followed on 6 August 2010 by the closure of the previous Government’sContactPointdatabase of 11 million under-18-year olds designed to protect children in the wake of the Victoria Climbié child abuse scandal.

Can a person who has taken and implemented these decisions when in office expect us to believe that she will ‘tackle injustices’ or in any way care for the less fortunate in our country?