A summary provided by Richard Tetlow, convenor of Moseley Faiths Forum

‘Love Your Neighbour’(LYN)

LYN 3 crowd

                 On Saturday July 9th about 100 local people gathered on Moseley Green to take up the challenge to ‘Love Your Neighbour’, a new Birmingham-wide movement. It aims to encourage people to challenge the racism and divisiveness unleashed by Brexit.

Participants were members of the Moseley Society, Forum, CDT, Festival and Buddhist, Humanist, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Christian and of ‘no faith’.

Revd Richard Tetlow, convenor of Moseley Faiths Forum asked, ‘What kind of city and country do we want to live in?’ He had met people, even in Moseley, who now feel threatened because of their national origins or their faith.  All present affirmed that such behaviour was totally unacceptable and to be contested. Revd Richard raised 3 questions:

What personally matters most?   What is life about? and Where are vision and responsibility?

The gathering ended with reflective silence. Then everyone was invited to talk and really listen to someone not known to them and put their convictions into action with a simple daily act of kindness. The idea urgently needs spreading!


Richard’s address may be read in full on the Civilisation 3000 site: