Historian Antony Beevor believes that the EU’s flaws do not justify its destruction: “Alliances are fragile entities. They take time to create and are always vulnerable to vicious circles of suspicion and resentment. Whatever we might think of the EU, one thing is certain . . . (leaving) could well turn into the worst example in history of cutting off your nose to spite your face”.

West Midlands Labour IN for Britain: “As we enter the last few days of the Referendum campaign it is as vital as ever that the positive case is made for voting to Remain in the European Union”.

Meeting at 3pm at ThinkTank, Science Museum.

Later message received says:

IET Austin Court 80 Cambridge Street, Birmingham, B1 2NP

Please check.

If you would like to attend, don’t delay, places are limited: please RSVP on the West Midlands Labour website here.

As EU president Donald Tusk warned earlier this month: “The utopian phase is over. Practical engagement is needed for the sake of democracy and security”.