If you have ever lost one earring and kept the other – or received some as an unappreciated gift? If so, please consider putting it/them in an envelope and post them to Jeanette Burrows, 31 Prince of Wales Lane, B14 4LB, to help to raise funds for Chrysalis.

Since 2010, Chrysalis has been working with village-based young people from remote Kitgum and Lamwo districts in Northern Uganda as well as in the slums of Kampala. These are regions severely impacted by war and which need significant regeneration.

The Butterfly Project is a network of committed young people, who are determined to be catalysts for change in their communities. Young people who have been recruited from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, because we believe that those who have survived hardship are the best people to tackle its causes.

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Initially, each Butterfly member lives in residential accommodation, known as Chrysalis Centres, where they receive specialist training and support to start and develop their own social projects or enterprises but the centre is badly in need of equipment and resources.

Chrysalis have been fortunate in obtaining a shipping container and filled it with ICT equipment, computers, musical instruments, athletics and gym equipment, art materials, all the resources needed to run a residential centre. However, they now need to transport it from Birmingham to Kampala in Uganda.

Your discarded and odd earrings could raise the funds.


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