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Birmingham based Science Capital aims to create a sustainable and internationally recognized hub of entrepreneurial science that contributes to the development of an innovation-driven economy. To this end, it offers a programme of interactive events, bringing together a mix of leaders from university, start-up, SME, industry, investment and legal settings who are interested in working together to address emerging opportunities and explore new partnerships.

Science Capital’s focus is on the West Midlands, a region with 13 universities and colleges which employ over 3,150 academic leaders and generate over £200m of research income annually. These organisations are increasingly charged with developing intellectual property, collaborating with industry and spinning out enterprises.

Its audience includes entrepreneurs, SME directors, investors and business experts—anyone interested in emerging technologies and R&D-intensive companies.

Innovation-related events in the West Midlands

  • Innovative Healthcare 2016: From Molecular to Cellular at the Binding Site on October 11.
  • West Midlands Labour Finance and Industry Group (LFIG) Friday Club: Birmingham City Council Leader John Clancy presents The Future of Birmingham and the West Midlands at PWC on March 4
  • Fit for the Future Workshop: Climate Ready and Low Carbon Economy Good Practice, BVSC Digbeth on March 8
  • Movers and Shakers on Investment and Regeneration: Liz Peace CBE, Chair, Curzon Urban Regeneration Company and John Clancy, Leader, Birmingham City Council at the Macdonald Burlington on April 22
  • Made in the Midlands Manufacturing Exhibition at the Wolverhampton GTG Training Centre on May 12


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