be heard logoThe major 25-year contract for the Tyseley incinerator is due to end in 2019 and the council is taking this opportunity to review the entire refuse and re-cycling service, save money and make major changes.  Councillors  will consider whether to introduce food waste recycling, look at community compost schemes and assess how much power can be generated from rubbish.

The survey advises: “The vision should embrace a circular economy and be founded on the pillars of sustainability and, if anything, be weighted towards environmental and social benefit rather than driven by economic gain”.

lwm loc 3 prosp graphicIt could well become part of a circular ‘localising prosperity’ economy (above)

A survey will be held to gauge opinions and views and a spokeswoman for the city council said: “We have had feedback that some of the questions are not clear so we will pause the consultation, make the questions clearer where appropriate and reissue.”

The forward-thinking survey, will be available on the council’s Be Heard website.