Jim and lion

In Birmingham on Saturday it was remarkable to see a large room full of solid citizens opting to remain with the EU – not one dissenting voice.

air pollution brumThey were people with a concern for the cleanliness of our air, water and the health of people and the natural world, who see the ‘dirty man of Europe’ being compelled to take action (see Craig Bennett) – though not enough has been done, as many thousands still die prematurely from conditions caused or exacerbated by air-pollution.

The other great constituency in favour of remaining in the EU should be those whose working conditions have been safeguarded and even improved by EU legislation.

Why stay with an inefficient, undemocratic and expensivenurse’?

Because faulty though it undoubtedly is, the European Union has improved the economic and environmental conditions of those who have to work very hard for a living, with comparatively low wages.

Cameron's real change

Sadly, despite the efforts of the EU, the current government continues to reduce the help needed by low wage earners, the unemployed, the disabled and young people, whilst passing measures which benefit their already wealthy soulmates.

One dream team: a Corbyn/Lib Dem/Green/Plaid coalition government which would exert pressure on the EU to reform its constitution, ensure that its finances passed the auditors’ scrutiny and wholeheartedly implement good legislation improving the social, environmental and economic well-being of the 99%.


Has anyone a better idea?