A few days after Cllr John Clancy, Leader of Birmingham City Council, announced a targeted programme of action to clean up litter-strewn neighbourhoods, leaflets are being distributed by Conservative councillors urging constituents to get involved their own litter-picking drive in Britain’s largest litter pick’.

In the second of nine actions recommended to rebuild the rapidly declining Conservative party membership and appeal to the urban ‘grassroots’, via the Brummie we learn that an inventive touch has been added. Parveen Hassan reports that all are being urged to join a “Clean for The Queen” campaign weekend during 4th-6th March 2016: “This is a great opportunity to make residents in Birmingham wards get neat and tidy in time for The Queen’s official 90th birthday on 21st April 2016”.

clean for the queenWhich Compassionate Conservative action point will be selected next:

  • Formation of a local Compassionate Conservative Caucus to focus on social justice – too late for Dr Mattu . . .
  • Formation of a Birmingham RoadTrip group? We hope not.

bham air pollution

A Compassionate Conservative government could grit its teeth and – facing down corporate dismay – cleanse the country’s water and air of the high levels of pollution damaging the health of all.