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From Thursday 18 Feb for 5 weeks, 18:00 – 20:30 at the BMI:

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More and more people are finding themselves needing to write code as part of their jobs, whether it’s updating HTML for a content management system or tweaking colours and layout for a company blog.

You might even find yourself wanting to know how to build your own website from scratch, or transfer skills from print/graphic design onto the web. Whatever the reason, learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript (the “holy trinity” of web development) is easy to get started with, fun to learn and a great tool to add to your skillset.

This five-week evening course will give you an introduction to these technologies and is ideal for anyone with a good level of computer experience who is curious about how the web works.

You will learn how HTML fits together and what some of the mysterious codes mean, how CSS can be used to give your webpages style, and when to use JavaScript to make interactive, dynamic webpages. You’ll need a laptop to work from, but besides that, no special software or skills are required. Come and learn about the building blocks of the web!

Thurs 18 Feb Session 1: Introduction / HTML We’ll learn about setting up your computer for coding, and meet HTML, the language of the web. Learn what all those weird tag names mean and why you should care!

Thurs 25 Feb Session 2: Basics of CSS We’ll look at writing CSS to give webpages style, and experiment with your web browser’s Developer Tools to tweak pages on the fly.

Thurs 3 Mar Session 3: Intermediate CSS We’ll learn how to do slightly more advanced things with CSS including page layout and even animations!

Thurs 10 Mar Session 4: Intro to JavaScript We’ll find out what JavaScript is useful for and make some basic webpage interactions happen.

Thurs 17 Mar Session 5: Putting it all together How do websites make it onto the internet? We’ll learn how to deploy something we’ve made to the web!

Matt Andrews will be running the course (you can follow him on Twitter at @mattpointblank) in partnership with the Birmingham & Midland Institute.

Matt is a web developer of over a decade who’s worked for the BBC and the Guardian and taught hundreds of students the basics of web development for the past four years. He studied English at university (so is keen to point out that learning to code isn’t solely for computer scientists!) and enjoys cycling, brewing beer and making music in his spare time. You can learn more at

Discount is given on block bookings (10% discount if you book all 5 sessions at once) and also to the Members of the Birmingham & Midland Institute (membership details can be found here). To book a block select any date from the drop down menu and then click on ‘Tickets’, then select ‘All 5 Sessions’. Alternatively, you can book the sessions on a weekly basis although we do recommend that you attend all 5 sessions to make the most of Matt’s expertise.

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