On his website, Cllr John Clancy, the Leader of Birmingham City Council, celebrates the Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust development by Jessups in Nechells and Small Heath (below) – properties offered at an affordable rent.

bmht 2 small heath

BMHT, founded in 2009, aims to build attractive homes which are cheap to run. As fuel costs are a major factor in budgeting, its use of the latest ‘green technologies’ help to make running these homes as cheap as possible. They are carefully designed to meet the Building for Life standards and are all Secure by Design compliant, achieving a reduction of crime risk ‘by combining minimum standards of physical security and well-tested principles of natural surveillance and defensible space’.

Cllr Clancy writes: “Building housing here and now is our first priority.

“The Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust is building houses in the hundreds and I’m absolutely determined that the city as a whole must now move towards building thousands.

“Housing transforms lives, it transforms futures. It has an impact on people’s physical and mental health, it has impacts on education and much more. That’s why I make it my first priority in this city. Nationally Labour is looking to develop housing policies and BMHT shows how local authorities can play a major role in addressing the housing crisis.”

“This isn’t simply about bricks and mortar though, it’s about people and families. The Karem family have moved from a one-bedroom flat to a house with a front garden and a back garden and you could see the joy on their faces. It was an absolute joy to see how much the move has meant to the family and that’s down to the Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust.”


Central government will no doubt appreciate this work and ensure that every support can be given to enable further building and refurbishment of empty housing.