Message: Whatever else, Jeremy Corbyn has stimulated a significant debate and shown a willingness to engage constructively with others, which is a challenge that needs to be responded to by people of all parties, all faiths and none.

There is a workshop in two parts, at 7pm on Feb 18th and 25th, about an alternative to the prevailing austerity which is driving individuals and governments further into unpayable debt. So many of us have ideas about what we would like as an alternative but so often fail to get together and sharpen our ideas so the “neo-liberals” win by default. The workshop is part of the Economic Justice Project of national JDC.

This news was also sent to the WM New Economics Group and names the organisers as the West Midlands Politics of Networks which includes founder members Compass WM, Equality WM, WM Jubilee Debt Coalition, Localise West Midlands and Birmingham Fabian Society.

Anti-Austerity: But Pro What? is a 2-part Workshop on 18 & 25 February, Birmingham, 7pm-9pm both dates – a free event but registration is required by clicking here.

  • Want to see a fairer society, here in the UK and around the world?
  • Feel like you’re constantly firefighting against things you don’t agree with?
  • Fed up of media and politicians saying there is no credible alternative to austerity?

Austerity is part of a wider approach called Neo-Liberalism which is based on five very short and easy to understand principles: 

  • free markets;
  • small state;
  • low tax;
  • individual liberty
  • and big defence.

The aim of the event is to set out a concise, inclusive and easily understandable alternative to neo-liberalism.