Updating an earlier post:

cllr huxtable“After the Stirchley floods of 2008 (and other minor flooding events previous to these floods) I am very pleased that there has been investment by the Government and Severn Trent in flood defence works in Stirchley.

“Obviously there was the flood alleviation scheme referenced in the article, but the redesign of the Dogpool Lane bridge, the money put aside to develop a River Rea strategy –  mentioned at the December Stirchley Neighbourhood Forum meeting – the flood storage tanks in Bournville Park adjacent to the River Bourn (which flows into the River Rea just before Dogpool Lane) and investment in floodgates fitted to properties along Ripple Road and Cartland Road have also played their part in protecting properties from flooding”.

stirchley2 floods park 08https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riosZ3V8_48: Skinny’s Videos

He adds that he is not complacent and believes that more needs to be done along the River Rea (and River Bourn) to protect nearby communities from flood risk (both from river and surface water flooding) but that Stirchley (and Bournville) is in a much better place now to cope with heavy rainfall than in 2008.