A reader who had one brief contact with Cllr Ward a couple of years ago found her conduct very unsatisfactory; have many of her constituents had similar disappointments?

We read that – for the second time – Hodge Hill ward Labour Party members have refused to endorse sitting councillor Anita Ward. Two weeks ago, Cllr Ward failed by 18 votes to three to win a ‘trigger ballot’ vote, which meant she had to face a formal reselection procedure and would not automatically go forward as the candidate.

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As a researcher our reader had approached Cllr Ward, then mayor, to give a few words to add to her picture in a city centre peace trail leaflet, one of a series of city trails devised in Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, London and Cambridge. This, because Birmingham became a member of the worldwide Mayors for Peace initiative in 2007. 

Perhaps the concerns about Cllr Ward are deeper and more substantial – our reader’s experience indicates that possibility

anita 2 wardCllr Ward initially agreed to do this, but then backed out and brusquely refused to discuss her change of heart.

Her failure to give a reason for not performing this minimal act, in fulfilment of an internationally agreed role, was disappointing and rather unpleasant. The researcher also entered the fact that Birmingham had followed Manchester City Council’s lead, becoming a member of 78 nuclear-free local authorities, though nuclear fuel rods are transported through the residential heart of the city by train, and nuclear warheads are driven along major roads and motorways around Birmingham.

A Labour member who was at the meeting told Chamberlain Files: “People were shouting and saying ‘no we aren’t going to vote for you’. There was concern that Anita doesn’t even live in the ward.

And is Birmingham still a ‘nuclear-free’ LA with a ‘Mayor for Peace’?