Correcting assumptions: from Tom Watson’s vested interest viewpoint ‘a rabble’ – aka people with minds of their own – to the Times-reading onlooker’s, “I think Corbyn is very interesting, but the “Momentum” behind him is a bit questionable”

People are interested – two Momentum articles on this site were the top posts this week, visited by people from twelve countries (snapshot below).

First-hand experience offers the only authentic evidence

momentum first city meeting

The writer sees a need to go further than the account published earlier, which opens: “Quiet, courteous and all-embracing – the Corbyn ethos prevailed at this civilised cross-party meeting, chaired by Rachael Harris, assisted by Richard Hatcher”.

The student organiser/chair, Rachel, was also described earlier in the New Statesman.

Of over one hundred attending the writer only knew two other ‘Momentumeers’ – and another who was unable to get there. A brief description:

Julia has worked in adult education, campaigned for nuclear disarmament and for policies which preserve and enhance Acocks Green.

Ann, experienced innovator (business management) and (Linked-in witness) is adept at “seeking to improve the quality of life for vulnerable people”.

Christine, left medical research to work with disadvantaged in this city; the young unemployed, battered wives, recovering addicts and unsupported female refugees have all benefitted from ongoing projects she has helped to found.

The others no doubt each have their own record of service – ‘questionable’? A ‘rabble’? Not at all – come and see for yourself: Priory Rooms, Thursday 17th December, 7.30pm.

Snapshot from site stats:

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