Excellent news in a Facebook entry today that these city MPs voted against bombing the people of Syria.

Roll of honour:

Richard Burden. (Birmingham Northfield)
Liam Byrne. (Birmingham Hodge Hill)
Jack Dromey. (Birmingham Erdington)
Roger Godsiff (Birmingham Hall Green)
Steve McCabe (Birmingham Selly Oak)
Shabana Mahmood (Birmingham Ladywood)
Jess Phillips. (Birmingham Yardley)

                            Khalid Mahmood abstained – hmmm.

It is said that Gisela Stuart, Labour MP for Birmingham Edgbaston, was pleased that her inbox has been full of messages from people telling her not to vote in favour of airstrikes: “I would be deeply troubled if my email inbox was full of people gung-ho saying ‘go and get them’ ”. But despite voicing pleasure at her constituents’ stance, Ms Stuart voted in favour of airstrikes.

It was not surprising to see the names of Ian Austin (Dudley North), Adrian Bailey (West Bromwich West) and Tom Watson (West Bromwich East) – who have been openly or indirectly briefing against their democratically elected leader – amongst the names of bombing enthusiasts.

children drone killed

The writer will be removing her name from the mailing list of Tom Watson (West Bromwich East) – who once wrote hoping that he would live up to her expectations as deputy leader: he has not – a real missed opportunity.

tom watson 2emessage syria

Thanks to a link from a Moseley reader we read the view of remarkable analyst Peter Oborne that the Commons debate on Syria was ‘a squalid affair’.

david cameron syria debateAfter recording Jeremy Corbyn’s earlier well-judged ‘rebellions’ on Iraq, Libya etc and noting that the ‘anti-war lobby’ makes lucid points about the risk of civilian casualties, the lack of ground troops and any viable political strategy for the future health of Syria, Oborne regrets that Corbyn’s motives were ‘traduced’ by David Cameron on Tuesday night.

Read the man’s uneasy face snapped on that day – will his decision boomerang as one cartoonist has suggested?