Jonathan Dale and many in the advertisement dependent mainstream media (MSM), readily promote the views of disgruntled MPs. In the West Midlands these include Ian Austin, Emma Reynolds, Pat McFadden, Shabana Mahmood, Chris Leslie and Liam Byrne.

gravy train

Like a minority of Labour MPs elsewhere – the appalling Simon Danczuk, Ben Bradshaw, Jess Philips, John Mann, Mary Creagh and Mike Gapes – they are beset by a feverish anxiety as they see the gravy train receding into the distance. Others, like Steve McCabe, just fail to give open support to their democratically elected leader.

Honesty, principle, consistency and truth pay social dividends but not out of office MPs’ mortgages

Dale describes the West Midlands as a region “which seems to have become the unofficial headquarters of the anti-Corbyn resistance within the Labour Party” – preferring to disregard the welcome given to Corbyn in the city (below) – and last week’s Momentum turnout.

end jc brum2

Media fails to influence voters, suppressing five by-elections wins under Labour led by Corbyn

  • In Euxton North the party recorded a 12.7% wing – taking the seat with 57.3% share of the vote;
  • In South Camberwell, Southwark, Labour recorded a 9% swing, taking a 57.9% share of the vote;
  • In Banbury, Oxfordshire, Labour took a seat from the Conservatives on a 5.9 % swing –taking 45% of the vote in the Grimsby and Castle ward in the town;
  • Labour gain in Bridgend;
  • Labour hold Belle Vue, a Shropshire seat.


 Will the 99%, many of whom use the social media which gave Corbyn such a boost, continue to disregard MSM propaganda?