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Advice needed: how can a Solihull resident have any constructive dialogue about planning matters with council officers?

In September, a meeting between Solihull residents and the local community centre committee was convened by a Community Housing Support officer who is to convey concerns to the planning department and attended by CPSO officer and a police constable.

Several concerns were voiced; perhaps the most serious practical problem was the lack of on street parking space for a bungalow development which has no garages or front drives.

One resident works as a carer and when she gets home late at night there is sometimes no space to park her car – a.

As there is an Upward Group Development for sheltered housing to be built nearby, there are fears that traffic will increase and parking become even more difficult.

One resident suggested changes in the route of the planned access road which were well received by all present.

Cllr Tim Hodgson, who was present, undertook to put this to the Upward Group.

  • The Upward CEO had earlier undertaken to ‘look into the matter’ and get back to the resident.
  • He did not do so, not did he even acknowledge a later request to keep his word.
  • She learnt that the ward councillor she approached was on the planning committee so could not discuss the matter.
  • She rang the council; feedback: no positive outcome – they were offhand.


Advice please.