jonathan walkerA once-regular reader, now no longer tempted to buy the Post, occasionally sees the biased establishment–supporting effusions of Jonathan Walker (right, for out-of-area readers) via the Brummie aggregator.

How different they are from those written by former Post Public Affairs Editor Paul Dale, who had a ’long and honourable record of probing the council’s affairs’ but no longer works for this ‘paper that has a weekly circulation of a few thousand and which must rely increasingly on income from advertising to pay its staff’ possibly because ’In such a climate editors are not keen to have their journalists criticising their paying customers’.

In his emotively titled article (definitely tabloid journalism) Walker seems to regard reluctance to bow before royalty as a major defect – and so it would be for a sycophantic career-dominated person who would bow to anyone to get a foot higher on the ladder.

As another establishment hack, BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg, raised the issue, the hundreds of thousands of Corbynaires will applaud the self-respect which leads him to question these archaic practices. Paragraphs of regurgitated waffle on Syria followed.

mp simon2 danczukWe direct Mr Walker to plunder the pages of the Daily Mail where he will frequently find far more exciting quotes from careerist MP Simon Danczuk (left), who cannot accept the overwhelming democratically expressed support for the new Labour regime and fears that Corbyn’s leadership will mean years in the political wilderness for him.

Move on

He calls for strong leadership like that of his mentor,Tony Blair, completely failing to recognise that the hundreds of thousands returning to politics actually want a thoughtful person, who is not dogmatic and is open to reason, basing judgment on evidence which can change as time goes by.

The shadow chancellor is currently being criticised for doing just that – prudently modifying his position on the substantially opposed Fiscal Charter in the light of a range of economic downturn forecasts including those by Citigroup’s chief global economist, the celebrated Levy Forecast, the chief economist at Mizuho Securities and uncertainties expressed by the IMF.

We remember that Corbyn has always abstained on matters of principle and would expect others to do no less in a true democracy. Reasoned dissent has an important part to play in his regime. Though the facts get in the way of a ‘good’ story, Mr Walker, it should be emphasised that yesterday, a resounding 211 Labour MPs expressed confidence in the new leadership.