All who prioritise the common good welcome the wind of change.


For the first time in the 21st century the 99% are showing clear signs of resistance to the manipulation of mainstream media: the tool of the plutocracy which rules Britain.

Despite the barrage of largely petty and sometimes totally unfounded criticism directed at Jeremy Corbyn, his support continues to grow – see recently the 7000 overflow in Manchester during the Conservative Party ‘s conference gathering there.

manchester 3crowd sept 15

See the Birmingham Mail’s own poll results (below), followed by a tired and derivative summary of Jeremy Corbyn’s first few days in mainstream view from its reporter, which in no way reflects the enthusiasm and hope of these voters.

mail poll sept 15

The support of millions who are capable of thinking for themselves are upholding this rarely principled and honest politician in the face of a really desperate onslaught from attackers who dread the loss of power and profit.


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