Several sites are reporting that a ‘zero-emissions’ hydrogen filling station has opened in Rotherham.

hydrogen flling rotherham

A zero-emissions refuelling station for hydrogen-powered cars – claimed to be the first of its kind in the country – has been built by ITM Power at the Advanced Manufacturing Park near the M1 in Rotherham.

The headquarters of AIM listed ITM Power, founded in 2001, are in Sheffield. The company, which employs about 70 people in South Yorkshire, specializes in electrolysers, and hydrogen fuel cell products.

The refuelling station uses electricity generated by a wind turbine to split water into its constituent parts: hydrogen and oxygen and emits only water vapour.

A hydrogen car could now fill up with enough fuel for it to reach London from South Yorkshire, the company said. Refuelling takes a few minutes and a full tank gives a range of 250-300 miles.

Two more refuelling stations are planned for London. And though there are only around 20 hydrogen-powered cars on the UK, new models are being launched by major manufacturers.

Total green audit: as fossil fuels are not used in the production process, ITM Power points out that it is the first to be carbon-neutral with zero emissions.