corbyn young 1

By chance yesterday a reader mentioned that her young daughter who had registered as a Labour Party supporter and paid the fee, has been debarred from voting, saying they have reason to believe that she doesn’t support Labour aims and values.

She does not belong to another party, has never previously taken part in party political activity and was outraged when she received this information by text message.

She then discovered that there was no right of appeal against this arbitrary decision unless she becomes a Labour Party member.

Her excitement was aroused because, for the first time, a mainstream political candidate was offering a viable alternative to the austerity programme. Many young people have turned to the Green Party, Plaid Cymru, Mebyon Kernow and other fringe parties because they are putting compassion for the vulnerable and good stewardship for the environment before the interests of big business.

Labour is missing a trick in resisting, rather than embracing, this fresh approach.

  • Is this unreasonable behaviour or gerrymandering ?
  • How many are being unjustly deprived of a vote in the Labour Party leadership election?
  • What can be done?


Any other ideas?