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This is an invitation to invest in the Community Energy Birmingham share offer in order to fund the installation of solar photovoltaic arrays on community buildings in Birmingham. The total investment sought is £65,000 and we are only half way there.

The solar panels generate clean and cheap, renewable electricity which is provided at a generous discount to the host buildings. The surplus is then exported into the local grid. Community Energy Birmingham earns revenue from the Feed-in-Tariff payable on all the electricity generated, as well as from the sale of the electricity to the host organisation. This will enable us to repay the cost of the installations and provide a fair rate of return to investors.

Surplus revenue is used to undertake further renewable energy or energy efficiency projects. Being a society for community benefit we do not seek to make a profit for ourselves or our investors. However, subscribers will receive a very fair rate of return. We plan for this to be around 4% per annum.

The minimum you can invest is £250 and the maximum is £10,000. This offer opened on 2nd July 2015 and will close on 2nd September 2015. There is a pay-as-you-go scheme for small investors who want to spread their investment over several months. We have advanced assurance from the HMRC that the scheme will qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme for income tax relief.

Below is the link to the Share Offer Document: