A Moseley correspondent wrote that he hoped Jeremy Corbyn would ‘win’ (politics would become far more interesting) but that he would not vote for the Labour Party, presumably even one led by JC. Yet he has a young daughter . . . Surely a Corbyn-developed society would offer her a far better future?

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Julia: “Let’s carry the spirit of Greenham all the way home to Number 10 and work to give our children and our children’s children a future”.

Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to stop spending an estimated 100 billion pounds on the replacement of Trident Nuclear submarines, a system which many military figures themselves have admitted is outdated and ineffectual as a so-called ‘deterrent’.

Instead, Corbyn would introduce a positive programme of rebuilding the UK’s battered infrastructure, which is presently suffering badly under cuts.

corbyn cndIt has been hit hard by these cuts. It is difficult to get a GP appointment. There is a shortage of hospital beds and the new QE is too small. How many people queue outside early in the morning to get one, or sit with someone who is desperately ill in a hospital waiting area, hoping that they will be admitted?

At present we face a new threat of reduced councillor services: local councillors to be cut from 120 to 100 at a time when other help agencies are also losing funding.

  • The new Birmingham Library has severely restricted hours and the important and rich collection of historic documents in Birmingham Archives is set to become all but inaccessible.
  • Birmingham’s heritage is being hit hard in another way too: with only two conservation officers where there used to be eight more important historic buildings, and buildings of period style are likely to be lost.
  • All three of the other candidates support the renewal of the four nuclear submarines, regardless of the nationally crippling cost of this outdated and dangerous system.

Corbyn has made it clear that a priority would be the redeployment of those currently working on the nuclear weapons industry into more socially productive industries.

In this not very radical part of the UK, Hall Green CND is proud to report that we played our own small part in gaining Birmingham’s only Constituency Labour Party nomination for Jeremy Corbyn in Birmingham, Yardley.

corbyn young 1Attending a rally in support of Jeremy Corbyn’s Policies for young people, at All Star Lanes on August 10 in London

A mixture of young and older people spoke up for Corbyn in the debate. We also met friends who we did not even know were supporting Corbyn. It was very exciting.

It has become very clear since then how fast the tide is turning. People want a new kind of Labour leader: a new kind of Labour Party.

Julia, a member of CND, says that the organisation does not exist to endorse any political party, but rather, primarily to achieve the end of nuclear weapons in this country. To this end, it endorses the Corbyn leadership campaign for the Labour Party because Corbyn, who also leads Parliamentary CND, has consistently supported CND throughout his entire political career.

We cannot, and should not, support any party or any candidate who is not firmly and unequivocally backing the removal of nuclear weapons from British soil and British waters. This time we have a Labour leadership candidate who understands that: someone we can be proud to endorse: truly one of our own: a member of the campaign since the age of 15, someone who was a positive presence at all those long ago, and recent, anti-nuclear and anti-war rallies, someone who, elected in that terrible year which nearly destroyed both CND and the Labour Party, never compromised but has supported us in every single nuclear vote since 1983. And we believe that Corbyn never will compromise.

To read the whole article and use the contact links, go to https://hallgreencnd.wordpress.com/2015/08/17/in-the-nuclear-election-vote-corbyn