paul daleYesterday, Paul Dale (left) parodied Corbyn’s policies, labelled ’hard left’, and produced an extremely limited explanation for his popularity:

“Anyone with experience of Labour conferences over the years, where the real membership emerge annually to demand a left wing agenda only to have their wishes denied by the party hierarchy, ought to have guessed that the one-member-one vote system (OMOV) would unleash decades of pent up anger . . .”

Boris Johnson did far better in the Sun.. Dale ends by predicting Labour will produce a moderate centre-left manifesto behind an electable leader by 2025.

A Guardian comment explains Jeremy Corbyn’s appeal to masses of people alienated by phoney, shifty, greedy politicians – Mr Dale please note:

jeremy corbyn“Corbyn has for many years been pursuing clear and coherent social, economic and political goals – read his Wikipedia page to see for how long and how consistently. He’s been doing this with courage and integrity and with very little publicity.

“This already distinguishes him from at least half the people in Westminster, whose strongest motivation seems to have been to get elected, whatever it takes.

“If (electability is) the main thing you’re thinking about, you’ll tailor your political ideals to fit, editing out the awkward bits”.

JC large rally

The writer’s 25-year-old daughter heard Corbyn speaking in Birmingham. Like thousands who attended similar meetings in several cities, she was electrified both by him and by the atmosphere in the hall.

He adds that younger voters didn’t show up at the ballot boxes in May and this is probably the first time that many of them have seen a British politician speaking without a carefully pored over PR briefing sheet, speaking with passion and confidence and courage from a set of deeply rooted beliefs and a great deal of personal experience.