handsworth herald

A lead from John Wight led to the Handsworth Herald, which then led to a clip from Adrian Goldberg’s thoughtful interview on BBC WM (1.53.54 ).

It was the political event of the weekend – the arrival of Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn in Birmingham” – standing room only

adrian gAdrian caught up with Jeremy Corbyn and asked him what difference he thinks he would make if he was to be the next leader of the Labour party. The Herald’s audiBoom extract from the Bordesley event prompted the writer to find the interview on Monday’s programme. 

Corbyn thinks of this leadership contest as being more about democratic expression – the wishes of ordinary people, currently not accurately represented under the present electoral system – and an alternative economic vision: in sum: “We don’t have to accept austerity”.

Osborne’s austerity has increased debt and cut services

jeremy corbyn (2)Corbyn response to two questions: first, that the alternative to austerity is to expand and rebalance the economy, collect taxes due, increase pay, support manufacturing and invest your way to prosperity.

Second, that the crisis in Calais and the Libya refugee camps is a product of wars around world – a shared human responsibility. The United Nations as an internationally responsible organisation should look at the causes of insecurity causing those unable to survive to go somewhere else.

Birmingham author and Birmingham Press contributor, Steve Beauchampé writes – as many think:

“A Tim Farron led Lib Dems, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP, the Greens, Plaid Cymru and Corbyn at Labour … not a bad left leaning alliance”.