end jc brum2

‘A wonderful crowd of 1,000+ in a wonderful city’ – and thousands also turn out in Coventry, Preston and Liverpool.

The Facebook entry opens with an apology to those who couldn’t get in the room. Site stats indicate that hundreds found news of the event on this site. Jeremy Corbyn summarises: “We discussed economics, education, foreign policy & our hopes for Britain”

end jc brum

The end of Jeremy Corbyn’s speech in Birmingham on Sunday afternoon may be seen and heard here’ Final words:

“(I)t’s so exciting that in the summer of 2015, when so much of politics has come alive. People have come together because they want – and they are determined to achieve – something decent and better. Not just in this country but as our contribution to the rest of the world”.

We hope to see a first-hand account written for the Birmingham Press.