rogers and bore
When Mark Rogers was chief executive of Solihull MBC, the corporate owners of a derelict cottage were told that it would be subject to a compulsory purchase order if not repaired and refurbished. It now provides a much needed family home.

PoW cottage
A prime example of properties allowed to fall into dereliction by private landlords, though a neighbouring business has offered to buy and redevelop the site, may be seen below.

waitrose dereliction
For well over ten years, a neglected corner of Hall Green on the Stratford Road has been an eyesore, attracting vandalism.

waitrose high view estatesThe photograph opposite was taken three years ago and the buildings are in far worse condition today. Though its next-door neighbour, a Waitrose store, has offered to buy these properties and make good use of the site, the landlords have refused to sell them.

CPRE members are seeking information about brownfield sites and this Hall Green site is just one of the unused commercial and residential properties gradually becoming derelict in many parts of the city.

Mark Rogers is probably advising the council leader to look beyond the city centre and care for all the city’s buildings – taking the suburb of Bournville as the standard to be achieved.