Library queue

  • Don’t expect to enter before 11am.
  • Be prepared to obey a barked command to form an orderly queue.
  • Be patient: when the hour arrives a hundred or so people, mostly students, will be allowed to pass slowly through a single entrance.
  • Be ready to tell bewildered visitors from other areas the saga of the two libraries and the funding constraints hampering what was formerly – in the other place – an informal and carefree experience.
  • Don’t expect to use the ground floor toilets – being short-staffed the barriers won’t be removed until later.

Library cafe

  • And remember to keep your coffee cups on the table in the café gallery (up the wooden staircase) – because a uniformed martinet will come along and call a security guard to evict you, if you have deposited them in the bin and cannot give proof of purchase.


A far cry from relaxed visits to the Madin library.