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Over the last few weeks Localise West Midlands emailed parliamentary candidates across the West Midlands to seek their views on decentralisation and devolution, to deliver greater local political and economic power. In particular they were asked what they would do about:

  • Devolving powers, resources and political representation to more local levels such as local authorities or regional bodies
  • Refocusing Whitehall and Westminster on UK-wide issues rather than micromanaging sub-national issues
  • Ensuring our locally-owned businesses can thrive and maximising how money recirculates in the area
  • Ensuring planning is democratically controlled for the common good
  • Delivering housing markets that work for everyone
  • Keeping public services locally controlled, not outsourced to large and distant organisations.

LWM hopes that this exercise will help voters who are interested in these issues – whatever their perspective – to understand how their candidates may be thinking. They may read a detailed set of tables with the responses, here: http://localisewestmidlands.org.uk/candidates_devolution/

lwm logo largerThe candidates who responded were thanked, particularly those who gave longer responses to which this brief analysis does not do justice. LWM would be happy to talk with them further about achieving greater political and economic decentralisation in the UK, whether or not they are elected.