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Fairness, Not Favours has been published by the Muslim Council of Britain, which was founded in 1997. MCB is a democratic, non-partisan organisation that will not endorse any single political party.

mcb fairness favours coverFairness, Not Favours presents a consensus view amongst its affiliates of the issues affecting British Muslims ahead of the 2015 General Election. It gives a voice to the whole range of principles, ideas and concerns that British Muslims will have, not merely for their own interests, but for the common good.

MCB hopes it will serves as a useful guide for incumbent and prospective Parliamentary candidates, and for local Muslim communities seeking to engage in political dialogue.

This document is based on consultations amongst its affiliate network and with focus groups conducted in various UK regions; it also draws on the MCB’s recent publication, ‘British Muslims in Numbers’ that used 2011 Census data and more recent research to provide a demographic, socio-economic and health profile of Muslims in Britain.

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There are twenty-six Parliamentary constituencies with a Muslim population of 20% or more. There is also a sizeable Muslim presence in several marginal constituencies.

A range of issues affecting British Muslims is highlighted. In essence, they seek a compassionate and caring society, one where no groups are left behind through disadvantage and discrimination.

While Fairness, Not Favours sets out issues affecting Muslims specifically, the MCB recognises that there are a number of factors that will inform the choices of a Muslim voter. Accordingly the Muslim Council of Britain will also be endorsing policy platforms from other organisations and inter-faith bodies that seek the common good of society as a whole.