moseley hall hospital

A local resident, recently discharged from Moseley Hall Hospital describes the ‘amazing’ after care for those with restricted mobility or other temporary handicaps.

Amidst the present climate of complaints, accounts of horrors, corruption, disasters cuts in vital services with the expectation of more to come there is one amazing service that, so far, has not been touched: post hospital discharge – Home Care Enablement Service funded by the council.

Under this scheme the South Care Home Team visits the discharged patient four times a day; first at 7am by a carer who will help him or her to get out of bed, wash and dress and will get breakfast. Another will come at 12.30 and get lunch, and another carer will come at 5.30 to get the evening meal. A fourth will come at 9.30 and help with getting to bed.

Each of these carers, of various ages and nationalities has been efficient, and kind. It is a lifeline for people recovering from an operation and will continue for up to six weeks, without charge. It certainly has been a lifeline for me and for my family.

How excellent to be able to give glowing praise to a service that has so far been unaffected by cuts.

Long may it last.

Elizabeth Way